Young Leaders Entrepreneurs

young leadersYoung Leaders Entrepreneurs is a youth-led association based in Tunis, Tunisia.
This association aims to empower youth in the field of leadership and entrepreneurship in dismissed regions forgotten in the process of development by previous policies . It works on arranging panels , summits, and events that integrate youth in the democracy transition focusing on making them familiar with the concepts of citizenship and how to master the art of communication in the settlement of a democratic atmosphere. The other major goal is to motivate the most gifted powerful young leaders in Tunisia to reinforce their skills and potentials through intensive workshops and exhibitions in science , business, and ventures. In addition, the association focuses on empowering women and elevating youngsters to decision-making positions. The NGO’s latest initiative ” Unleash Tunisia Venture Bus ” for entrepreneurship throughout all four regions of Tunisia was selected for United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and BMW Group for the Intercultural Innovation Award. It will be represented in the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

ConArte Internacional

ConArte International it’s a general interest association which aims to promote social change towards respect, equality and solidarity through the arts’ educational capabilities. Originally founded in Mexico, ConArte have now an international delegation stablished in Girona, Spain.  In Mexico, ConArte has successfully incorporated the arts as a kern of education for peace and social development in public schools as well as in marginalized communities. It has created methodologies that propel pertinent and high quality work. This non for profit organization is internationally recognized by UNICEF, OEA and OEI among others. Both delegations have worked  jointly in different educational projects to educate and empower children and youth through the arts in the whole world.