The Project in Madrid

This next months, Madrid will be hosting a few seminars and courses for this project.  To know more about them, we offer you two different sections.

Find out about everything that has been and will be done:

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You will find in here some documents related to the topics with which this project is working:

Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former Director of UNESCO has been with us presenting our book at the Ateneo.

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Our book Cultural Rights for a Tunisian-Spanish Bridge is presented at the Ateneo de Madrid, one of the main cultural institutions of the Spanish capital, on October, 28, 2019. Admission is free until capacity is reached. Get your invitation in this link.

The book about the development and conclusions of our project (Cultural Rights for a Tunisian-Spanish Bridge) was presented at the Context bookstore (Girona).

Beatriz Barreiro, Sihen Nasraoui, Laura Bello and members of the project Kasserine-Madrid are interviewed in Africanía, a radio program broadcast by Fundación Sur. They talk about the project in Madrid and in Tunisia. You can listen to the interview in this link.

Storytelling and cultural workshop at “Liber espacio”, a bookstore in Madrid (C/Joaquín María López, 25). Beatriz Barreiro reads Giani Rodari to celebrate International Date of the Child (20th of November, 18:00). Free access until complete capacity. All the information about available in this link

Seminar “Ciencia y derechos culturales: explorando conexiones/Sciencies and Cultural Rights: Exploring Connections” within the seminar cycle Derecho, Proceso, Cultura y el “Otro”. 15th of November (15:00-19:00) in the Rey Juan Carlos University (Salón de Grados, Vicálvaro, Madrid). The journey combine debates and art exhibitions. You can check the program in this link

Africa Fundación Sur, an International Organization for investigation, developing and documentation about Africa, has interviewed Beatriz Barreiro to talk about our project. You can listen the interview in this link.

Seminar Derechos culturales y diversidad cultural y religiosa en Europa: abrazando la complejidad” within the seminar cycle Derecho, Proceso, Cultura y el “Otro”. 24th of September (15:00-21:00) in the Rey Juan Carlos University (Salón de Grados, Vicálvaro, Madrid). Free access until complete capacity. In addition to the debates, there will be a live concert of Syrian music and a tasting of Syrian sweets. Assistance will be recognized with 0,3 credits ECTS. | You can check the schedule in this link

Course on artistic education for diversity and cultural rights (July 23 and 24, Casa Árabe headquarters in Madrid) | Registration form

Beatriz Barreiro has given a SPEED lecture in CEDIS (Universidade Nova de Lisboa). She has the opportunity to present the project in this context

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The 21th of February, in the Rey Juan Carlos University, a seminar called “Propuestas para la gestión de la diversidad cultural y religiosa en Europa en favor de la integración” will take place. Click the button below and discover much more about it in it’s own blog.


You can read news related to the seminar in this link.

The members of the project, Ahlem Nasraoui, Gemma Carbó y Beatriz Barreiro, with the specialist in Islam Justo Lacunza Balda, who participated in the seminar on February 21 about cultural and religious diversity.

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