Our outputs and goals

Through our common project we want to foster the exercise of the RTPCL by children and young people in Kasserine and Madrid, in order to contribute to the reduction both both the violence and the xenophobia respectively and to achieve social inclusion. Speaking in very concrete terms these will be our outputs:

  • Cultural Rights for a Tunisian-Spanish Bridge: an ebook of analysis and reflections on Human Rights and Diversity in times of Growing Human Mobility
  • Catalyst Kasserine: Cultural incubator (where cultural, technological, artistic, intellectual activities will take place). Discover more about Cultural-artistic group Kasserine-Madrid in this video
  • Adaptive teaching kits/ trainings on cultural rights: In English, Arabic and Spanish. Both for school teachers in Madrid -for teaching to children and young people- and for youth people in Kasserine.
  • Intercultural artistic/cultural workshops: with both children and young people both from majority society and minorities groups (for the sake of integration) in Madrid.
  • A participatory Multilanguage and interactive publication of our final research.
  • More intangible output: improving participation of young people in political and cultural life (both in Spain and in Tunisia, where this is highly important in the post-revolutionary context), integration of migrant and refugees children and youth in schools and in the society (this mainly for Spain), and intercultural dialogue.