Cultural-artistic group Kasserine-Madrid

Kasserine-Madrid is a cultural exchange group througharts literature, painting and new technologies.

Discover the mission and participants of this cultural program in this video — (You will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player)

Who participates in this project?

Sihem Nasraoui

23621645_891994144284833_6862811543794705170_nSihem Nasraoui is an activist who  is the regional youth leader and community mobilization within Young Leaders Entrepreneurs, a youth led awarded organization working for fostering peace and cohesive inclusion and resilience through mentorship and startup oriented projects.

She is leading the Peace Lab Kasserine within the network of Peace Lab project founded by the Young Leaders Entrepreneurs, a partner in the Alliance of Peace, women, and Security. She was responsible for structuring the entity by onboarding local leaders, implementing action plans and offering capacity building in countering the violent extremist lure in the region. She is also a UNFPA 2250 youth and peace resolution network member. Currently she studies Computer studies Engineering in ISAMM Manouba.

Laura Recuenco

Foto-LauraMy name is Laura Recuenco Peláez, I’m 24, I have studied Law. Currently, I am studying Translation and Interpreting (Spanish-English and German, as well as a little French). The aim of my career is learning different cultures through their languages. I am very interested in the field of human rights and I focused my degree law project on it.  I also like writing and editing. Travelling is definitely my passion.

René Paul

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-18 at 11.06.12Poet and writer from Toledo (Spain). I have published many poems with Diversidad Literaria. Recently, I have published my first poetry book, “Memorias del loco cuerdo”, with Editorial Círculo Rojo (2018). I also play the piano. I am currently studying Politic Science and Journalism at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. I believe that culture is the most powerful weapon that society has to defend human rights.

Pedro A. Suárez López

Pedro A.My name is Pedro A. Suárez López. I’m 20, I am studying History and Tourism. The aim of my career is learning different cultures thought their History. I have participated in the model United Nations MUN. As URJCMUN define: “In a Man, delegates play the role of representing one country or organization that belongs to the United Nations. Delegates debate in the different committees the chosen topics with the objetive of reaching resolutions in order to solve the issues that are addressed”. As far as, I am a strong defender of World Heritage Site.

Alfonso Fernández

I’m Alfonso Fernández, painter and illustrator from Toledo, Spain. Currently studying Fine Arts at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. I have received several courses and scholarships for painting, especially I identify with the landscape and study and research about it.

Nerea Rodríguez

Born in 97 in a small town of Toledo and studying fine arts at the Complutense University of Madrid today. I work on very different supports, enjoying my watercolors and markers by madrid, trying to discover through art the world that surrounds me.