Welcome to this project

A Tunisian-Spanish bridge for counteracting violent extremism and xenophobia through the right to take part in cultural life

Our project wants to contribute in different ways to the enjoyment of cultural rights. We strongly believe in what the Special Rappourter of Cultural Rights of the United Nations said in her last report (parr. 20 and 22, 2016 A/HRC/34/56):

“policies that combat discrimination in the right to take part in cultural life or promote freedom of artistic expression, scientific freedom and education in accordance with international human rights norms are core aspects of combating fundamentalism and extremism.”

“arts, education, science and culture are among the best ways to fight fundamentalism and extremism” 

Who works on the project?

Mondher Tounsi

kjtxmsua_400x400.jpgHe is a US Department of State alumnus from Tunisia who was introduced to activism and decision-making during the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) programme in the US. After his return to Tunisia, he started working on entrepreneurship and capacity-building for young people through various initiatives. He worked with the association Young Leaders Entrepreneurs to launch “One Billion Rising”, “She Can”, “She Startup”, “Countdown” and recently “Youth Impact” to counter violent extremism and teach young people about key elements such as ITC, startups and leadership in his region, Kasserine. In addition, Mondher is interested in international institutions and has represented Tunisia at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome and in Amman, Jordan, along with UNESCO.

Beatriz Barreiro Carril

Beatriz-BarreiroShe is a researcher and lecturer in international law (Rey Juan Carlos University). She is very interested in the links between this discipline and other social sciences and in applied research with a particular focus on human rights – specially cultural rights. She has participated in relevant international UNESCO conferences and was guest of the Department of Law & Anthropology (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle), visiting researcher at the Institute of Public International and European Law (University of Gottingen) and lecturer at Carlos III University, Madrid. She is currently a lecturer at Rey Juan Carlos University in Spain. She has collaborated with many civil society and public institutions. She is a member of the association ConArte International, directed by Gemma Carbo, together with whom she has developed the idea for this camp.

Gemma Carbó

Gemma Carbó

Director of the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policies and Cooperation at the University of Girona. PhD in Education, she gained an Advanced Studies Diploma in Culture and Law, a Master in Cultural Management and a Bachelor of Arts (History). She is also lecturer in the University of Girona and coordinator of the Virtual Master in Cultural Management (UOC-UdG-UIB) and the postgraduate program: Education and culture, management programs and projects. Gemma Carbo’s professional development and current research explores the relationship between cultural policy and education, education and cultural diversity and education and creativity.

 Ahlem Nasraoui

emerging-leaders-requested-photos--ahlem2.jpgA Tunisian 2016 Top 10 Global Emerging Leaders Awardee by the US state Department and the US First lady Michelle Obama with a double major Master’s in Business Communication / English Literature and Humanities.
Founder of the Young Leaders Entrepreneurs a youth Led association working for engaging grassroots in the decision making through mentorship programs .Proven success in negotiating funds and familiarity with administrative ,financial and international funding institution .Designed Hundreds of effective non-profits projects regarding empowering women and youth through combining tech ,entrepreneurship and socially driven issues .Traveled to Hundreds of countries to lecture about youth in politics ,peace education ,conflict resolution, and entrepreneurship .An author of related articles and working on her Book :Women and the Ceiling Glass,Tunisia and the Post-revolution

Marcela Otárola


Director of the Association Conarte Internacional, holds a BA in arts with a specialization in theatrical performance from the University of Chile and an MA in Cultural Management from the Simón Bolívar Andean University. Prior to joining ConArte, Marcela worked as cultural animator at the National Council of Culture and Arts in Chile and as a cultural manager at the National Coorporation for Indigenous Development.

Nevelina Pachova

Nevelina_Researcher and coordinator of international cooperation projects with ConArte Internacional and the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policies and Cooperation at the University of Girona. She conducts research on the role of culture and the arts in development processes and actions and supports the development, implementation and evaluation of projects and programs in the field of arts education, culture and development cooperation. Nevelina holds an MA degree in International Development from the International University of Japan, post-graduate certificates in development policy analysis from the University of Bonn and a Diploma of Specialization in Graphic Design from ERAM College, University of Girona. Prior to joining the UNESCO Chair and ConArte, Nevelina worked as research associate and project coordinator with different agencies of the United Nations University in Tokyo and Bonn.

Laura Bello

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She is a student of Political Science, Public Managment and Journalism at Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid. She has specialized in social communication and marketing. Recently, she is doing practical training to work in the audiovisual sector. However, her concerns about political, social and cultural conflicts have encouraged her to participate in different non profit projects in favor of cultural and functional diversity. She is in charge of the social communication of the initiative from Madrid.

The associations

Young Leaders Entrepreneurs

young leadersYoung Leaders Entrepreneurs is a youth-led association based in Tunis, Tunisia.
This association aims to empower youth in the field of leadership and entrepreneurship in dismissed regions forgotten in the process of development by previous policies . It works on arranging panels , summits, and events that integrate youth in the democracy transition focusing on making them familiar with the concepts of citizenship and how to master the art of communication in the settlement of a democratic atmosphere. The other major goal is to motivate the most gifted powerful young leaders in Tunisia to reinforce their skills and potentials through intensive workshops and exhibitions in science , business, and ventures. In addition, the association focuses on empowering women and elevating youngsters to decision-making positions. The NGO’s latest initiative ” Unleash Tunisia Venture Bus ” for entrepreneurship throughout all four regions of Tunisia was selected for United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and BMW Group for the Intercultural Innovation Award. It will be represented in the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

ConArte Internacional

ConArte International it’s a general interest association which aims to promote social change towards respect, equality and solidarity through the arts’ educational capabilities. Originally founded in Mexico, ConArte have now an international delegation stablished in Girona, Spain.  In Mexico, ConArte has successfully incorporated the arts as a kern of education for peace and social development in public schools as well as in marginalized communities. It has created methodologies that propel pertinent and high quality work. This non for profit organization is internationally recognized by UNICEF, OEA and OEI among others. Both delegations have worked  jointly in different educational projects to educate and empower children and youth through the arts in the whole world.